(CAV News) –  If Missouri lawmakers get their way, parents in the state will have to notify the schools their children go to about their gun ownership within 30 days or face a $100 fine.

Of course it takes one drugged up incompetent person or one irresponsible parent to impose outrageous legislation such as this piece of work, SB 124.

In this legislation you will have to notify the school administrators of the district you wish your child to attend, that you own a gun. Failure to comply, even if your child attends a charter or private school, results in a $100 fine. And, because putting a price on violence always works, if your child does use a gun resulting in injury or death, that you own and failed to notify the school about it, you will face a $1000 fine or other penalties authorized by law.

Lawmakers all across the country see money…

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