Here’s to your Health, the Environment & All Future Generations!

January 1st, 2013 New Year’s Resolution – TAKE ACTION TO END AEROSOL SPRAYING! WORLDWIDE!

Stop the Nonsense! It’s Common Sense!

Just Look UP! The planet is polluted with aerosols sprayed from planes continuously in strategic fashion. How many pictures and videos need to be posted to reinforce this fact? Sure, many people will never believe The Powers That Be would spray us like bugsSome people do not want to know and choose to remain ignorant. Why let a “jet trail” ruin your day, right?

If you know the difference, please, do not let truth deniers ridicule you from what your intuition tells you when you see jet “contrails” forming into various cloud formations. People from the older generations and the very young seem to intuitively spot the obvious. People who grew up before cable TV, the internet…

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