Very interesting , this guy from India wanted to bring a plasic making company here to montreal. I don’t know if he is doung it or not but i gave him the idea to use seawater instead of fresh so to preserve our fresh water and to make sure that he be able to recuperate and reuse . He said they had that part except they only remade bags and replied with all these plastic containers and stuff surely you can do better and he even promised me he would . Especially the sea water part interested him highly because it uses vast amounts of water for cooling and separating the oils the colours and oter toxins . I made him promise not to dump used water back out he said no it was reused in other operations .

Our World Commentary

This is an example of the pollution in our waterways — from just floating plastics.  Plastics have been in our lives since the invention of Celluloid in 1870 and Bakelite in 1907.  But instead of learning to reuse and recycle these, we have just used and discarded them.  Plastic trash has now become one of the biggest problems for animals on our planet.  And they are choking our waterways.  There are floating masses of plastics in the horse latitudes of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans — not dense enough to form a “land mass”, but too dense for most sea life.

Since most plastics are made out of petroleum, some people have tried to figure out how to turn the plastics back into oil.  And there have been ways found for some of these types.  Most use an idea called Thermal depolymerization.  This process has been applied…

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