Trying God's Patience


My lovely Trying God’s Patience Facebook page was hacked on New Year’s Eve, along with Title Wave and the collaborative page I share with 100 or so other Facebook pages: The Golden Rule.

I have user status still on TGP  and TW but I’m not ‘in charge’.  All of us got booted off The Golden Rule.

In addition, friends’ pages: Fresh Minds Matter and Smiles & Rainbows were also hacked. FMM has limited user access for its owner – Smiles has none.

Needless to say, we’re working on it.  You may be surprised to hear that we have pretty much laughed our way through the whole debacle.  Oddest new year ever, but hey…

EXCITING NEWS: I just went ahead anyway and started another page.  Figured I’d just call it Sue Fitzmaurice.  So do please visit, like, comment, share… like CRAZY!


Happy New Year!  (Laughing myself silly.)


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