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Photo from Arstechnica:  Judge: Barrett Brown donors can sue government over subpoenaed records.Barrett Brown

We have a whole new ballgame going now.  Instead of just going after those who crack into systems, now the US DOJ is going after those who repost the information.  [Mind you, this is the same DOJ who cannot find the Banksters to indict, and also gave weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico.  Don’t get me started.]

Jeremy Hammond, the one accused of the crack, is facing life-in-prison.  The traitor Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, faces 124 years in prison AFTER turning in his friends in LulzSec, including Jeremy Hammond.

Since Stratfor is the shadow CIA, or was, I guess the Powers That Be are just a tad pissed.  But how are they going to make “sharing the link” stick?  The New York Times published The PentagonPapers  and then President Nixon…

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