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“There Is No Disease Whose Prime Cause Is Better Known…”

Warning: I wish to inform the website visitor and reader right here that the following article and testament you are about to read has been the cause of much discussion, controversy, self-interest, legal pursuits and politically juxta-positioning by many individuals, practitioners, researchers, doctors, surgeons, companies and corporations the world over.

But this story truly deserves to be read and comprehended. Because the findings of Warburg has split the opinion of so called “scientific opinion” and the pharmaceutical investments by many corporations in a trillion-dollar industry.

Got the picture?

It is from this historical account, that we can glean the well-known, oft-quoted statement by Dr Otto Warburg which begins: “But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause [may] be.”

Two-time Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg Links The Fermentation of Sugar…

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