Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

UPDATE 2016:  Although experiments to use additives in jet fuels have continued there is no evidence that global deployment of aerosols for climate engineering is a result of fuel additive experiments largely designed to enhance performance of super-sonic aircraft at high altitude. 

Instead, all the evidence from past decades and current observations conclude the vast majority of aerosols injected into the upper atmosphere are coming from nozzles and other sources not directly involved with fuel or engine combustion.

More importantly, aerosols are now being deployed by large volume tanker aircraft that have nothing to do with engine emissions or deceptive nozzle placement.

Beginning December 1st 2015 we now see huge plumes of aerosols likely released by fleets of large volume tanker aircraft.



Jet Fuel experiments with TMA

1958 Trimethylaluminum test report from Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory Click Here


Since 1958 many new chemicals have been added to all types of jet fuel. Some…

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