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Photo from Arstechnica:  Judge: Barrett Brown donors can sue government over subpoenaed records.Barrett Brown

We have a whole new ballgame going now.  Instead of just going after those who crack into systems, now the US DOJ is going after those who repost the information.  [Mind you, this is the same DOJ who cannot find the Banksters to indict, and also gave weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico.  Don’t get me started.]

Jeremy Hammond, the one accused of the crack, is facing life-in-prison.  The traitor Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, faces 124 years in prison AFTER turning in his friends in LulzSec, including Jeremy Hammond.

Since Stratfor is the shadow CIA, or was, I guess the Powers That Be are just a tad pissed.  But how are they going to make “sharing the link” stick?  The New York Times published The PentagonPapers  and then President Nixon…

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Lucas 2012 Infos

siriusThe Sirius-New Years Connection

I’ve often written in this newsletter that the Gregorian Calendar is essentially a “bankingcalendar, established for commerce and the paying of bills. I’ve often advocated our need to bring other calender-awarenesses into our culture, such as the seasonal calendar (the Mayans called it the Haab) which recognizes Solstices and Equinoxes and other seasonal points within the year; and also a more sacred calendar such as the Tzolkin. But this is one of those times when the Gregorian Calendar is right on the mark! Deeply embedded in our cultural celebrations of “ringing out the old and ringing in the new” is a celestial fact that indeed showers us with the blessings of a new beginning.

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Compiled by Yolanda Bertaud

Just a small list of wild edible weeds that we may encounter in our everyday environment without ever knowing the benefits and nutrition these wonderful plants provide. Please keep in mind to never second guess on what you forage, please further educate yourself on more details on each plant properties, identification, and edible parts, etc.  Never harvest planets near roadsides, polluted waters/areas.

The Wild Green Garden aka Edible Weeds at my friends house and Guerrilla Seeding


Alfalfa (Lucerne) Medicago sativa

Edible parts: Leaves and young shoots can be eaten raw or cooked. The leaves can also be dried for tea good for stimulating your appetite or used in soups. Very nutritional food but must be used in moderation, can trigger attacks in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. The seed are known to be used as a sprouted seeds which is added to salads, sandwiches, smoothies, raw food recipes, soups, or eaten as is. Alfalfa…

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Health Resolution Revolution

When you, a family member or friend are first diagnosed with cancer it can hit the patient hard.

“Why me?”  They say. It can be a traumatic time.

Strong emotions may be associated with the diagnosis. There may be shock, denial,  confusion, guilt, anger, defeat, hopelessness and despair just to name a few.

The next thought is “what do I do now?” and “what is my strategy plan to defeat this?” Confusion can arise from the many directions facing the diagnosed and the information presented.

Worse, friends and family who mean well, can begin voicing their own fears and issue their own from-the-hip recommendations. This can be confusing and cause unnecessary burden-bearing — as the already-beleaguered patient is already deciphering new information doing their best to split truth from collective self-interest.

Understand This: Cancer Is Big Business And A Major Growth Industry.

Current reports estimate the cancer industry to be…

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Health Resolution Revolution

“There Is No Disease Whose Prime Cause Is Better Known…”

Warning: I wish to inform the website visitor and reader right here that the following article and testament you are about to read has been the cause of much discussion, controversy, self-interest, legal pursuits and politically juxta-positioning by many individuals, practitioners, researchers, doctors, surgeons, companies and corporations the world over.

But this story truly deserves to be read and comprehended. Because the findings of Warburg has split the opinion of so called “scientific opinion” and the pharmaceutical investments by many corporations in a trillion-dollar industry.

Got the picture?

It is from this historical account, that we can glean the well-known, oft-quoted statement by Dr Otto Warburg which begins: “But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause [may] be.”

Two-time Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg Links The Fermentation of Sugar…

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